Hawaiian Steel Guitar Showcase

March Livestream Open Stage Showcase - March 27, 2021

The Livestream Open Stage Showcase on March 27, 2021, featured two hours of prerecorded performances submitted by steel guitarists from Hawai‘i, several US states, and several foreign countries including Japan, Australia, France, and England.

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  • Showcase host Alan Akaka provided prerecorded introductions.
  • Kiyoshi ''Lion'' Kobayashi and his New Trade Winds band from Tokyo, Japan, played ''Honolulu I'm Coming Back Again.'' From left: Keiji Kusano (bass), Lion, Hidezo Ito (drums) and Hideki Saito (guitar.)
  • Kiyoshi ''Lion'' Kobayashi.
  • Nic Neufeld from Kansas City, Missouri, played ''Sand.''
  • Peter Garellick and Haopinaka from Berkeley, California, entertained with ʻUlupalakua, complete with the Hui Hula O Na Puʻu I ka Noe hula troupe.Their presentation was done in the style of an old fashioned sepia-toned film.
  • Haopinaka from left: Sil Castillo on vocals and guitar, Rod Valdez on vocals and bass, Vanessa Alputila on vocals and ʻukulele, and Peter Garellick on vocals and steel guitar.
  • Hui Hula O Na Puʻu I Ka Noe: Vaiʻiti Dougherty, Kaloline Escalante, Kekika Miller, Naunau Speers, and Pualiʻi Spears. Kumu Hula: Kakena Gregory.
  • Peter Garellick on a tricone acoustic steel guitar.
  • Paul Agar from Yamba, New South Wales, Australia, played ''Beautiful Kahana.''
  • Paul Agar.
  • Justin Firmeza from Fremont, California, played ''Kaula ʻIli.''
  • David Fisher from Barnsles, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom, played ''Serenade to a Pagan Moon.''
  • Joey Misailidis from Honolulu Hawaiʻi, played ''Steel Guitar Rag.''
  • Joeyʻs performance was a surprise duet with steel guitarist Patti Maxine from Santa Cruz, California.
  • Joey and Patti Maxine. Patti has been a featured steel guitarist at many Maui Steel Guitar festivals.
  • Kumiko and Shinichi Kakiuchi from Fujimino, Saitama, Japan, performed ''Maile's Song - Hawaiian Lullaby.''
  • Aaron Benolkin from Anchorage, Alaska, teamed up with vocalist Michael Keale from Princeville, Kauaʻi on ''Mapuana.''
  • Ethan Goore from Kohala, Hawaiʻi, performed ''Hiʻilawe.''
  • Chuck Moore from Puna, Hawaiʻi, played ''South Sea Island Magic.''
  • Noriko and Shuji Tomita from Tokyo, Japan, teamed up on ''Lovely Hula Girl.''
  • Hideki Hattori from Tokyo, Japan, accompanied himself as he played ''Waipiʻo and Akaka Falls.''
  • Versatile musician Tai Misailidis accompanied herself on ''Paniolo Country.'' Here she is on the guitar.
  • Tai Misailidis on the steel guitar.
  • Tai on the upright bass and guitar.
  • Tai providing percussion on the Sand Blocks.
  • Tai on the upright bass.
  • Valére Martin from Paris, France, was visiting in Honolulu and recorded his performance of ''Hanalei Moon'' in the Ke Kula Mele studios with Alan Akaka assisting.
  • Steve Tylka from Clarksville, Tennessee, played ''Little Brown Gal.''
  • ''Blue Hawaiian Moonlight'' was performed by the Lion Ladies Steel Guitar Ensemble with Kiyoshi ''Lion'' Kobayashi from Tokyo, Japan. From left: Sakae Machida, Masako Wakamatsu, Keiji Kusano, Lion Kobayashi, Hidezo Ito, Akiko Watanabe, Hideki Saito, and Yoko Tanaka.
  • Vickie Van Fechtmann from Puna, Hawaiʻi, played ''Stars Fell on Alabama.''
  • Chuck Hughes from Flagler Beach, Florida, performed ''Kohala March.''
  • Jess Montgomery from Kapaʻa, Kauaʻi, performed ''Hula ʻO Makee.''
  • Jess was accompanied by guitarist Dennis Chun.
  • Joe Stewart from Broomfield, Colorado, performed ''Hula Breeze.''
  • Joey Misailidis and Patti Maxine offered a second duet, ''Steelin' Home.''
  • Patti Maxine.
  • Joey and Patti.
  • Noriko Tomita from Tokyo, Japan, played ''How D'Ya Do?''
  • Haopinaka returned with Vanessa Aputila singing ''Ke Aloha.''
  • Peter Garellick and Haopinaka.
  • Husband and wife Vanessa and Peter.
  • David Fisher returned with ''A Million Moons Over Hawaiʻi.''
  • The Kakiuchis returned singing and playing ''Pua ʻOlena.''
  • ''My Little Grass Shack'' was Ethanʻs second selection.
  • The Lion Ladies Steel Guitar Ensemble with Lion Kobayashi performed ''Hawaiʻi Calls.''
  • Tai Misailidis returned with a duet with Bobby Ingano playing Bobbyʻs signature ''Sleepwalk.''

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