Hawaiian Steel Guitar Showcase

Livestream Open Stage Showcase - March 19, 2022

The Livestream Open Stage Showcase on March 19, 2022, featured two hours of prerecorded performances submitted by steel guitarists from Hawai‘i, several US states, and several foreign countries including Japan, Australia, and Spain.

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  • Emcee Alan Akaka introduced each performance segment.
  • Christo Ruppenthal and Christoʻs Novelty Combo from Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Lion Kobayashi and his New Trade Winds from Tokyo, Japan.
  • Fernando Perez from Barcelona, Spain.
  • Chuck Moore from Pahoa, Hawaii.
  • Noriko Tomita from Tokyo, Japan.
  • Ethan Goore from Kohala, Hawaiʻi, taken at Rice University where he is currently enrolled.
  • Masako Wakamatsu, Haruko Ozeki, and Sakae Machida from Tokyo, Japan.
  • Jideki Hattori from Tokyo, Japan.
  • Paul Agar from Yamba, New South Wales, Australia.
  • Noriko and Shuju Tomita from Tokyo, Japan.
  • Jess Montgomery with Dennis Chun from Kapaʻa, Hawaiʻi.
  • Shinichi Kakiuchi with Kumiko Kakiuchi from Fujimino, Saitama, Japan.
  • Ethan Goore with Sonny Lim from Kohala, Hawaiʻi.
  • Masako Wakamatsu with Kiyoshi ''Lion'' Kobayashi from Tokyo, Japan.
  • Kay Das from Irvine, California.
  • Akiko Watanabe with Kiyoshi ''Lion'' Kobayashi from Tokyo, Japan.

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Photos from video captures of the livestream presentation unless otherwise noted. All photos ©2022 by HIMELE.

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