Hawaiian Steel Guitar Showcase

Kaua‘i Steel Guitar Festival - April 2, 2022 Part 1

The 2022 Kaua‘i Steel Guitar Festival was held on Saturday, April 2, 2022, at the Sheraton Kaua‘i Coconut Beach Resort in Kapa‘a. The main ho‘olaule‘a was presented in two segments. The first 3-hour segment began at noon and featured steel guitarists Kilipaki Vaughan, Dave "DK" Kolars, Joseph Zayac with NextGen steel guitarist Pono Fernandez, and Alan Akaka with NextGen steel guitarist Enosa Lyman. The second 3-hour segment began at 5:00 P.M. and featured Mālie Lyman with Pomaika‘i Keawe, Geronimo "Geri" Valdriz, Bobby Ingano with NextGen steel guitarist Tai Misailidis, and Patti Maxine with NextGen steel guitarist Joey Misailidis. Backup for some steel guitarists was provided by Helene Woodward and Joseph Zayac with Bobby Ingano assisting.

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  • Featured steel guitarist Kilipaki Vaughan with Pancho Graham on backup guitar.
  • Kilipaki Vaughan and Pancho Graham with Kilipakiʻs wife Mehana dancing the hula.
  • Vaughan keiki Pi'ina'e, and Ana dance hula while Vaughan keiki Piko (behind Pi'ina'e) plays the ʻukulele.
  • Piko Vaughan, Piʻinaʻe Vaughan, Kilipaki, Pancho Graham, and Ana Vaughan. Photo from video capture.
  • Helene Woodward on the upright bass.
  • Alan Akaka with emcee Lady Ipo Kahaunaʻele-Ferriera.
  • Guest vocalist Pomaikaʻi Keawe sang while Lady Ipo danced hula.
  • Lady Ipo Kahaunaʻele-Ferreira.
  • Kilipaki, Pancho, and Pomaikaʻi.
  • Featured steel guitarist Dave ''DK'' Kolars from DeKalb, Illinois. Joseph Zayac provided accompaniment.
  • Dave ''DK'' Kolars. The acoustic steel guitar was designed and created by Dave.
  • Featured steel guitarist Joseph Zayac.
  • Joseph teamed with NextGen steel guitarist Pono Fernandez. Photo from video capture.
  • Bobby Ingano, Loren Tilley, Joseph Zayac, Pono Fernandez, Alan Akaka, and Helene Woodward. Photo from video capture.
  • Loren Tilley provided guitar backup for Joseph.
  • Bobby Ingano also provided backup on the steel guitar.
  • Alan Akaka amd Helene Woodward provided backup for Joseph.
  • Pono Fernandez and Alan Akaka.
  • Alan Akaka and Helene Woodward.
  • Alan shows a acoustic steel guitar that was auctioned off. The guitar was donated by Daniel Tremblay.
  • Featured steel guitarist Alan Akaka.
  • Bobby Ingano sat in with Alan.
  • Bobby Ingano, Joseph Zayac and Helene Woodward provided backup for Alan.
  • Alan teamed up with NextGen steel guitarist Enosa Lyman.
  • Bobby Ingano, Joseph Zayac, Alan Akaka, Enosa Lyman, and Helene Woodward. Photo from video capture.
  • Alan, Enosa, and Helene.

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