Hawaiian Steel Guitar Showcase

Open Stage Showcase

Hawaiian Steel Guitar Showcase is providing a virtual Open Stage Showcase for steel guitar players who wish to share their talents and performances in the Showcase. All Hawaiian steel guitar players are invited to participate in the Open Stage Showcase by submitting one or more performance videos.

As with festival open stage policies, each performing person or group must include a Hawaiian steel guitar. Performances of Hawaiian music are preferred, but non-Hawaiian submissions will also be considered.

Submission Requirements

Videos that are submitted must comply with HIMELE's quality standards.

  • Acceptable video formats are M4V, MOV, MP4, or MPEG4.
  • Video resolution - Full HD resolution, 1080x1024 or 1080p.
  • Video frame rate - 30 frames per second.
  • Video length is limited to five minutes or less.
  • Do not add any introductory graphics to your video (name, song title, beach scene, etc.). However, introductory comments about the song's origin, the group's origin or group members are acceptable before the performance begins. Do not add verbal comments after the performance has started.

Only those videos meeting these requirements will be accepted.

Devices that can be used to record your video include most Smartphones and Video Cameras. Please verify that your recording device meets the above standards. Some older video cameras may not be capable of recording at full HD resolution.

Submission Procedure

Most browsers support fillable PDF forms. If your browser does not support fillable forms, Adobe Acrobat Reader may be required to complete the form online. The form can also be downloaded and completed offline. Once completed, scan the form and send it to the submission address, below.

Please submit one completed form for each performance video.

  1. Access the Virtual Open Stage Showcase Submission Form (fillable PDF).
  2. Complete the form online using your browser. If you are submitting multiple selections, please complete one form for each selection.
  3. Electronically sign and date the form by entering you name and date in the fields provided. It is not necessary to physically sign the form.
  4. Depending on your web browser, do one of the following:
    • Click on the Download button PDF Download and select With Your Changes to save your completed form.
    • Click on the Save button PDF Save to save your completed form.
  5. Save the file as [Your Name-Virtual Open Stage Showcase Submission Form.pdf] and make note where it is located.
  6. Check the downloaded form to verify that it is your completed form and not an empty form.
  7. If you cannot download or save your completed form, you must instead print PDF Print your form, and scan it to disk. See step 5 above for naming your saved file.
  8. Click here to open your email program.
    You can also manually launch your email program, address the message to openstage@hawaiiansteelguitarshowcase.com, and enter Open Stage Application as the subject.
  9. Attach the PDF file(s) to this email message and send the message.
  10. When you receive the confirmation email of your submission, upload your video(s) to the Dropbox folder location provided in the email.
  11. A verification of your upload will be sent to the email address provided on the form.

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